The country of the 4 worlds

Following experiences

Sensory Experiences in Ecuadoror

We have several experiences designed "blind" so you can get to know Ecuador in a different way.

Mountaineering in Ecuador

We have several programs for you to enjoy the mountains in Ecuador.

Exploring Ecuador

We have several out of the ordinary experiences for you to get to know this beautiful country in South America.

About our sensory & sensory experiences

Through conscious tourism and social innovation, we act in sustainable development through two branches:
- We propose to the travel-loving public a personalized offer in little-known destinations with unique activities, as well as create new human experiences to explore the unknown.
- We empower local entrepreneurs with consultancy and advice towards business development.
- We grow by generating positive impacts through social awareness (inclusiveness, equality), environmental contribution (respect and conservation) as well as cultural preservation (gastronomy, tradition, history).