scholarship program

About the Program


This is a program that was born in December 2020 (Pandemic COVID-19) to support students to find useful digital tools and thus contribute to make their profiles more competitive.
Through the program we seek to train our interns, teach them about new trends, practical methodologies and link them with local actors to create projects, routes, management of social networks.

We adapted to the pandemic and developed activities, training and meetings through various digital tools.
We link you to our network of contacts, and we also look for events so you can meet people who can contribute to your career.
We are looking for weekly trainings in different topics, we also offer you useful tools.
We all want to realize our ideas, so we want to inject you with the entrepreneurial spirit and accompany you in the process.

Maritza Nepas

Cayambe UTN

My name is Maritza, a graduate in tourism and proud to be indigenous of the Kayambi culture, with Quinti I learned and our expectations were met. Thanks to all the team for offering this program and thus grow personally and professionally.

Daniela Reyes

Quito UDLA

In this program I learned a lot of tools, I took with me a great experience and a lot of knowledge with the training we received every week. I had the great opportunity to contribute with my ideas and improve my skills with great professionals.

Dayana profile picture

Dayana Andrade

Cayambe - PUCE

The program is interesting because it involves you with various aspects of the tourism sector, we were able to have a technical output to learn: How to manage a group of people? for Outdoor, it was a different and super enriching experience.

Andres profile picture

Andres Flores

Latacunga ESPEL

In this program I learned many tools to work remotely, they also helped me to improve my resume and gave me tips for job interviews, I was also able to make a different tourist experience. It was a great experience especially for all the people I met.